2017 Catastrophic Flood

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 1:44 PM

On April 29, 2017 MOA had an immediate redirect - NOT REPURPOSE - but a redirect for the rest of 2017.  The rains began on Friday, April 28th and didn't stop until early on the morning of April 30th.  At 2:00 AM on Sunday morning the water levels crested and began to recede.  

The above picture was taken at 10:30 AM on Sunday morning, after 8.5 hours of recession.  As a reference point the tractor was completely underwater with several feet of water above it.  

8 weeks later
Here are a few updates

  • The lodge has been gutted and stabilized - a priority to the landowners
  • Our lawn is springing back into a yard like environment
  • The owners little cottage building is in process

Stabilizing the structures that could be salvaged was first priority.  Now our attention is on an even bigger task of removing debris from the 4 ministry buildings that we lost.  

There were two duplex style camp buildings, one portable cabin, and one pavilion that were destroyed by the flood. They are now scattered all over:  in trees, on the land, and down stream.  Our actions steps are as follows:

       ◆  Clear Debris

       ◆  Clean Up Site

       ◆  Rebuild Facilities on Higher Ground

We have been so blessed by the love and concern that has been shown to us personally and to the work of the ministry.  Churches, Friends, and Family have all came to help at different times.  At just the right time, too.  We have had others ask about how they can help, which has been encouraging as well.  We believe the next big help that will be needed will be at the end of July for groups that would still like to be a help.  

In approximately 2 weeks the ministry has been given the use of a large excavator.  This will be a huge help to clearing the debris.  This will also make the work area less hazardous.  The current enviroment isn’t suitable for hand work, but really needs the big machines to remove all the big, dangerous building parts first.  Then we will need helping hands to clean up the smaller things that are scattered about. 

We have seen the evidence of “Many Hands Make Light Work!”  The Love of God in the Body of Christ lifts burdens and brings joy in too.  

We have also had others ask how they can give to help, when they are not able to be of hands on help.  As I’m sure you can imagine, there are significant costs to renting machinary and fueling them.  If you would like to help by contributing to the flood clean up efforts you can use the donate button on the website homepage. (please specify flood clean up)

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to come down to help please phone or write Shelby at 417-204-5463 or shelby@majesticoutdoors.com.

Every bit of help is appreciated: prayerful, hands-on, monetary, and motivational support.  In the last couple of weeks the minsitry has been busy with other ministry needs, and the clean up has been at a bit of a stand still - waiting on electric lines to be reestablished, water systems to be worked on, and the right machinery for the next jobs on the list.  However, there is much work to be done and we still have a ways to go.  The help is so valuable to us and we appreciate everyone who has called, wrote, and is willing to be with us along this journey.  

With Sincere Thanks,

Shelby and Sheree Nold