One Story Out of Millions

Friday, June 30, 2017 1:21 PM

We know two young boys, brothers, and they are sweet?

Over 30,000,000 (thirty million) youth in America go to bed without a father in the home.  Every community has kids that fit into this category.  Here are two that live in our community.  

These brothers have the same mother.  They have 5 other siblings.  The children have different fathers.  Currently they are living with another man, in the home.  And sadly their trailer sits at the very edge of a junk yard.

Last week during their mentoring session, we saw a face of despair.  The loss of hope has to be one of the saddest looks on any persons face.  However, when it is on a sweet young boy who has no choice of his own, it becomes a deep, heavy sadness that is very tangible.  The fact is that although these boys are sweet, their circumstances are far removed from the word “sweet”.  

One day a week they get to step out of their norm, out of that despair and into a place that fosters peace and the love of God.  In most cases this environment will quickly break through the hopelessness they live in every day.  In this case last week, the mentoring session ended and there was still an obvious weight of despair.  

Do you see, that even though they spent hours in peace and encountering and absorbing God’s love, they knew what they go home too, and every minute that passes is one minute closer to what is reality to them.  The depth and urgency of these situations are so incredibly hard to put into words.  

By the Spirit of the Living God, we hope that this brief description of 2 boys out of 30 M children, can help give insight into the world we get to go into.  You see, this ministry field is RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA and in every community.  

We are fortunate and consider it a privilege to be called to love children like these and get to make a difference in this part of the world.  They rarely have a voice, because this reality is deeply enmeshed into them; and they genuinely love their parents, even though there is dysfunction.  If you could see their faces personally, you could hear with your inner ears the screams and cries that are deep within them for true love, hope and life.  

We hope you can participate with us as we continue to pour into lives in need.  Majestic Outdoor Adventures, inc. is purposed to “Guide People into the Great Adventure in Christ”, so they can LIVE THE LIFE.  We are also called to help them out of their despair and help them, live their lives they were created to live.  

We recognize the need for family solutions and know God is moving in that direction.  In the future we can see M.O.A. ministering to the entire family, on a regular basis.  Until that day comes, we will press on to impact the youth with peace, love, and hope.